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Balmain Osteopaths Sydney Clinic is located in the inner west suburbs of Sydney. Although only 5km from Sydney CBD, our Sydney osteopathy clinic is nestled on the Balmain Rozelle peninsula, a cosmopolitan village enclave where one can escape from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Our clinic is set within a heritage listed building, adjacent to Balmain Hospital, and once served as its consulting rooms. Upon entering the clinic, many people remark on the ambience of the space, making it easier to lave the stressed of life at the door.

Our practitioners are experienced in the unique and holistic approach of osteopathy. Our osteopaths love what they do and love connecting with and helping people, to the best of their ability. Our osteopaths are able to treat a wide range of conditions across all age groups. A hallmark of osteopathy is the variety of techniques used to restore motion and function, a feature which allows flexible adaptation to a wide variety of people and conditions. Osteopathic treatment may involve any combination of techniques and can be applied to:

  • muscles, fascia and tendons such as massage, stretching or myofascial release;
  • joints, such as articulation or manipulation;
  • enhance breathing and fluid circulation such as working on the ribcage, diaphragm, and inherent body rhythms; and
  • exercise prescription, postural and lifestyle advice.

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Bioflex Laser TherapyLow Level Laser Therapy

Balmain Osteopaths Sydney Clinic offers Low Level Laser Therapy which is a useful modality in the treatment of pain, inflammation and injury of the musculoskeletal system. Laser therapy uses red and infrared light to stimulate the body’s own internal processes which can bring about reductions in pain, inflammation and enhance tissue recovery from injury (1, 2).

Our osteopaths are training in Laser Therapy and often work together as a team to co-consult. Laser Therapy is conducted as a course of therapy over several weeks, and treatments are tailored to the individual situation. A minimum of six treatments is usually required and the therapy is usually recommended for conditions which are not responding to other modalities, where additional biological support is needed such as chronic inflammatory conditions, or to bolster healing and recovery for return to work or sport.


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  2. Bjordal, JM. Johnson, MI. Iversen, V. Aimbrie, F. & Lopes-Martins, RA. (2006) Low-level laser therapy in acute pain: a systematic review of possible mechanisms of action and clinical effects in randomized placebo-controlled trials, Photomedicine and Laser Surg. Volume 24, Number 2: 158-168

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What is an osteopath?

An osteopath is an allied health practitioner who considers the functioning of the body as a whole, in particular how the body framework, called the musculoskeletal system, may be contributing to states of disease such as pain or altered function. The term osteopath is historically derived from this explanation, which postulates that disturbances in the structure and function of the body’s framework can contribute to or be associated with disease states.

Osteopaths recognise healthy motion in the body as an aspect of healthy function. Practically speaking, this can mean that if the motion of an area of the body is compromised, then not only is physical movement of the area limited, but the nerves, blood supply and drainage of that region may also be compromised. This state of altered function thus involves multiple body systems. The osteopathic approach takes this impact of altered movement on multiple body systems into account, and incorporates addressing these various systems into its treatment approach.

A simple example is that if a body region has healthy movement, then it has better blood supply, nerve supply and drainage, which is reflected in the health of that tissue. Conversely, if movement is limited and tissues are tight, blood supply and drainage are limited to some degree, and nerves within the tissue are prone to irritation, which may produce pain. The health of such tissues are compromised to some degree, as is their ability to heal from injury.

Osteopaths study a five-year undergraduate program at university, covering subjects such as detailed anatomy and physiology, pathology, radiology, clinical diagnosis and reasoning, and osteopathic hands on diagnosis and technique. Osteopaths are required to be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) in every state and territory of Australia. Osteopaths take a health history and are training to consider issues outside of their expertise, referring to GPs and other health practitioners when necessary. Our osteopaths are registered members of Osteopathy Australia, the national professional body representing Osteopaths in Australia.

Why choose an osteopath?

Osteopathy recognises that the parts of the body make up an interconnected whole. So when a person comes to an osteopath with a problem, the osteopath considers not only the area of the problem, but the related regions, its nerve supply, blood supply and drainage. Osteopaths seek to enable the body to move better as an interconnected whole, understanding that the body works in harmony this way. If you are looking for a more holistic assessment of your issue, and the experience of being treated as an individual where treatment is tailored to suit your particular needs, then considering giving osteopathy a try.

Why choose Balmain Osteopaths Sydney Clinic

  • One to one consultations with caring professionals who are passionate about osteopathy and bringing its benefits to you and your family
  • Hands-on diagnosis and treatment
  • Complementary treatment options such as Low Level Laser Therapy
  • Generous treatment times which give the osteopath a better understanding of your body, and you a more complete treatment experience
  • Treatment approaches that cater to a wide range of conditions and suitable for the whole family – from newborns to the elderly
  • Liaison with GPs, allied health practitioners, and diagnostic imaging when necessary
  • HICAPS facility, rebates from Private Health Funds and Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plans when approved by your GP
  • A genuine interest in understanding your problem and guiding you toward solutions which promote balance and harmony within your body and your lifestyle

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Balmain Osteopaths is a family oriented clinic that has been part of the Balmain Rozelle community in the inner west of Sydney for over 20 years. We value communication, care and personalised services that contribute to the wellbeing of our patients, staff and practitioners.

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