Kristine Lunny

B.App.Sc.(Clinical), B.Osteo.Sc.

Kristine studied Osteopathy at Melbourne’s RMIT University, graduating with a double degree, Bachelor of Science Osteopathy, and Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Science). For Kristine, the practice of osteopathy synthesizes her interests in health, biomechanics and problem solving, with a love of connecting with people and assisting them in their lives.

Kristine applies a range of treatment techniques, which vary according to the individual, the condition and the age group. From the more direct techniques which address muscular and tissue tension, to the more subtle techniques of cranio-sacral diagnosis and treatment, to recommending exercises which promote mobility and stability.

She enjoys seeing people across the lifespan, whether it be an infant, child, teen, adult or senior, as each presents a unique opportunity for assessment and treatment.

For many years Kristine has dedicated herself to the study and practice of the Biodynamic Cranial approach to diagnosis and treatment. This philosophy recognizes the subtle and inherent motions of the body, the interrelationship of the body as a whole system of function, and the ability of the system to self-correct when given balanced conditions. In a practical sense it employs a soft style of diagnosis and treatment, and after many years of clinical experience she prefers to use it because of its potential to have deep seated effects.

More recently Kristine has developed an interest in Low Level Laser Therapy and its remedial effects on musculoskeletal conditions. This therapy uses a therapeutic spectrum of light to target inflammation, pain and injury. Having experienced firsthand its restorative effects, she recognized it as an important therapeutic tool for a wide variety of conditions, and decided to study the modality and make it available to patients at the practice. Kristine has received training and accreditation with Meditech International, the creators of Bioflex Laser, and with the Australian Medical Laser Association (A.M.L.A.), receiving certification in Laser Safety.

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