Ellen Scott

B.App.Sc.(Osteo), M.Osteo

Ellen graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a Masters of Osteopathy. Along with a genuine interest in helping people, her gentle nature and empathy enhance her clinical skills as an osteopath.

Ellen has a keen interest in the connection and interaction between the stress we experience and the tension that is stored in the body, and its relationship to chronic pain. This has led her to many years of exploring ways to allow the nervous system to rest, relax and unwind.

Her background in yoga, meditation and natural therapies complements her osteopathic thinking and approach toward achieving balance and harmony in the body.

Ellen uses a blend of treatment methods such as:

  • Structural techniques – which are a collection of direct methods of engaging and releasing muscle, joint and tissue tension in the body, such as soft tissue massage, stretching, joint articulation, and when appropriate joint manipulation.
  • Indirect techniques – which are subtle methods of unwinding tension in the body such as myofascial release and the Biodynamic Cranial approach to diagnosis and treatment. This approach recognises the subtle and inherent motions of the body, the interrelationship of the body as a whole system of function, and the ability of the system to self correct when given balanced conditions. Because it is a soft style of diagnosis and treatment it is suitable to a wide variety of conditions and age groups.
  • Low Level Laser Therapy – Ellen has received training and accreditation with Meditech International, the creators of Bioflex Laser, and with the Australian Medical Laser Association (A.M.L.A.), receiving Laser Safety certification. Laser therapy uses a therapeutic spectrum of light to target inflammation, pain and injury. With a number of years of experience using Laser therapy in practice, Ellen finds this modality perfectly combines with her clinical interest in chronic pain and offering patients safe and well tolerated methods of treatment.

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