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As we get older, osteopathy recognises the crucial importance of keeping the body moving as a connected whole, and maintaining your function for as long as possible.

The body relies on movement for optimal function, both in the sense of mobility of the joints and muscles, but also the circulation of the body fluids, which in turn support the vitality of the body. Seniors often suffer from stiffness and reduced mobility, either from osteoarthritis or accumulated mechanical stresses.

Osteopathy aims to work with your body’s joints and tissues to restore mechanical motion within the individual’s capacity for change. Treatment styles are selected that are appropriate to this age group, such as rhythmic joint articulation, specific soft tissue massage and release techniques, to more gentle balancing of connective tissues. Laser therapy is another modality which is well tolerated and suited to this age group.

As well as supporting the body to move well through the ageing process in general, osteopathy is particularly helpful for the rehabilitation of falls. During a fall the joints and tissues of the body incur stresses and strains, and the osteopath is interested in identifying these strain patterns and treating them in order to restore function. Falls can really give the body a shake up, disturbing the movement between its parts, affecting not only your function and daily activities but also your balance and confidence.

Given the vulnerability of the older population, a fall can result in a more rapid decline of functional capacity, hence the importance of encouraging the body to recover and rehabilitate through osteopathic treatment.

If you or your loved one has recently experienced a fall we suggest having a check up with an osteopath.

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