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When people say they have pain in their hip, they can mean anywhere from the outermost point of the thigh, the groin, the pelvis or buttock. In reality, the hip is intimately linked with the pelvis, the legs and the lower back.

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint made by the top of the femur or thigh bone on one side, and the pelvic bone on other side. Muscles attaching to the hip and influencing its action, connect between these structures.

An osteopath bears these relationships in mind when identifying the structures that are likely contributing to a person’s hip complaint, and treatment may involve addressing not only the hip joint but also its surrounding regions and shared anatomy.

Treatment may involve a range of styles such as:

  • soft tissue massage, joint articulation, stretching of tight musculature, muscular contract-and-relax techniques
  • soft style techniques to rebalance inherent movement of the joints and connective tissues
  • exercises for mobility or stability
  • Low Level Laser Therapy


Whilst osteopathy is not able to remove the arthritic condition, in our clinical experience we often find that addressing the musculoskeletal restrictions associated with arthritis, in particular reducing the tension in the involved muscles and ligaments, can bring about improved mobility and may enable patients to manage better with their arthritis. In many cases, improving mobility can result in a decrease of pain, whilst also supporting people suffering from arthritis to maintain their activities of daily living and their lifestyle.

A common misconception about arthritis that we hear countless times in practice is “I think my pain or problem is arthritis so there isn’t anything I can do about it”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The presence of arthritis does not have to mean the acceptance of pain, stiffness or limitation. Obviously each case will vary, however our osteopaths are here to help keep the mechanical functioning of the body tuned and balanced, within the patient’s capacity.

We are here to educate you on what you can achieve either through treatment, exercise or self-help measures, to keep your body moving and functioning for as long as possible.

In our clinical experience, we have been able to help people manage hip arthritis or bursitis with Low Level Laser therapy, often within a course of treatment in conjunction with hands on therapy and exercise advice.

*the above is intended to give an overview of the osteopathic approach at our practice, however please note that not all of the above may be offered in one consultation.

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