We treat babies and children

Osteopathy is uniquely placed to work with babies and children given its broad range of technique styles.

Babies and children of all ages can show signs of tension, asymmetry or limited movement and your osteopath is trained to identify restrictions and to work in harmony with the child’s body to ease them.

Osteopaths who study and practice the cranial approach pay particular attention to the alignment and movement of the cranial structures and how that may be impacting other related areas of biomechanics and function.

When an osteopath examines a child they assess their body to see how easily and how well it moves and functions, looking for signs of tension, asymmetry, restricted or altered movement patterns. They consider how the child’s body is aligned and moving, how they are growing, and how they are reaching their developmental milestones.

The aim of treatment is to balance and integrate movement in the child’s developing body. Early assessment and intervention is preferable, however the body has an indwelling capacity to respond so it is never too late to seek osteopathic advice and treatment.

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