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Kristine Lunny

B.App.Sc.(Clinical), B.Osteo.Sc.

Kristine studied Osteopathy at Melbourne’s RMIT University, graduating with a double degree in Osteopathy and Clinical Science. For Kristine, the practice of osteopathy synthesises her interests in health, biomechanics and problem solving, with a love of connecting with people and assisting them in their lives. Kristine applies a range of treatment techniques which vary according to the individual, the condition and the age group. From the more direct techniques which address muscular and tissue tension, to the more subtle techniques of cranio-sacral diagnosis and treatment, to exercises which promote mobility and stability.


Ellen Scott

B.App.Sc.(Osteo), M.Osteo

Ellen graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a Masters of Osteopathy. Along with a genuine interest in helping people, her gentle nature and empathy enhance her clinical skills as an osteopath. Ellen has a strong interest in the connection and interaction between the stress we experience and the tension that is stored in the body, and its relationship to chronic pain. This has led her to many years of exploring ways to allow the nervous system to rest, relax and unwind using a blend of hands on treatment and Laser therapy. Her background in yoga, meditation and natural therapies complements her osteopathic thinking and approach toward achieving balance and harmony in the body.


Rosie Hamilton

M.Osteo, P-DTR therapy

Rosie graduated from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy in London, with a Masters in Osteopathy. She worked in the U.K. before moving to Sydney five years ago and we are pleased that she has brought her experience with her to Balmain. Rosie is a friendly and warm practitioner who loves getting to know her patients, as well as what is causing their aches and pains. People come to see her for a myriad of issues ranging from back and neck pain, to shoulder, knee and ankle conditions, or simply to alleviate stress and tension and help to improve their posture. Rosie works with a broad spectrum of scientifically based methods to maximize the benefits for each patient.


What happens in a consultation


Balmain Osteopaths is a family oriented clinic that has been part of the Balmain Rozelle community in the inner west of Sydney for over 20 years. We value communication, care and personalised services that contribute to the wellbeing of our patients, staff and practitioners.

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